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Business Buying Guide: Top 5 Industries on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a well-developed coastal city of Queensland, Australia that contributes 25.3 billion to the nation’s economy. The city has elevated from an economic base of construction and tourism to a more professional and diverse economic environment.

With an approx of $13 billion in infrastructure projects, the Gold Coast has embraced some of the world-class and transformative commercial and residential projects. In fact, the City’s Economic Development Strategy 2023 aims at providing the framework for long-term growth and success of businesses to further improve the economy.

The Queensland government has been committed to strengthening the infrastructure, cultural and international partnership aspects to attract new entrepreneurs. If you want to buy an existing business, then look at the top 5 industries on the Gold Coast that are doing pretty good for the past few decades.

Food and Beverage Industry

This is one of the fastest growing industries on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The food and beverage industry on the Gold Coast has become the most profitable businesses these days. From manufacturers of food-related products, ready-made meals and confectionery to producers of fresh and organic food, restaurants and cafe houses, novice entrepreneurs are heading towards buying established food-related businesses.

If you don’t have enough funds for a new startup, then buying a food-related business can be an ideal way to earn high income from the day one.

Health and Medical

With the contribution of over $2.2 billion to the local economy, the health and medical industry is the second largest sector of the Gold Coast. The city enjoys a boast of health and medical related businesses to help you get started with your work in a matter of few hours. You should do thorough business research for better outcomes.

The health and medical sector are also doing pretty good in Brisbane, Queensland. If you have relocated from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, then you can buy an existing business in the Health and Medical sector. There are tons of benefits of buying an existing business in Brisbane.

Residential and Office Cleaning Industry

Starting a cleaning company from scratch requires a lot of financial and human resources. If you want to run your own cleaning business, then it would be better to buy a cleaning franchise on the Gold Coast. The city offers a huge scope for cleaning business – thanks to the growing demand for professional cleaning service in both the residential and commercial sector.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The Gold Coast has a well-defined ICT industry, and the best part is that it is successful in engaging large businesses and small and innovative companies to export their cutting-edge products and services across the world.

This is one of those industries that guarantee you success and high-returns with each passing year.


With a high success rate, the education industry on the Gold Coast is doing pretty good. From well-recognised universities to professional institutes, the city offers a diverse range of educational options to both local and international students.


Before getting into the business buying process, involve yourself in some research practice and discover the top industries that are doing well on the Gold Coast. If you want to invest your money in any existing business, make sure you consider the top 5 industries mentioned above in this blog post.

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