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How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business?

Digital marketing has become the most prevalent form of advertising in current times. The COVID-19 pandemic affected several businesses and made them opt for more affordable and measurable marketing methods. The reach and engagement levels achieved through the internet surpass every other mode of communication. With the use of smartphones growing in Brisbane, businesses have identified digital marketing as the most reliable method of promoting their products. The pocket-friendly strategy is highly effective and reduces the wastage of resources. Here is how small businesses can utilise digital marketing to promote their brands.

1. Engaging Company Website

Every business must have a well-designed website with unique and relevant content. It is the online identity of the business and showcases its credibility by providing all the required information about its products, vision, mission, team, and office. It should be linked to the social media pages of the brand and have landing pages for the ongoing campaigns.  

2. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO helps the target audience to find your business online organically through search engines. It involves implementing several strategies to rank the business website higher on the search engine results page. The site should have location and industry-based keywords embedded into high-quality content that offers value to the customers. It must maintain a high loading speed and have tagged images to gain higher visibility, generate leads and contribute to conversions.  

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid advertising on search engines helps the target audience find your products through ads showcased on top of the search results page. The business has to pay the search engine only when the customer clicks on the ad. It helps in driving traffic to the website and boosts sales.  

4. E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an effective marketing strategy because the message reaches directly into the inbox of the customers in Brisbane. It helps to inform buyers about the latest offerings and upcoming discounts. They can be customised to maintain relationships with loyal customers and do not feel intrusive like phone calls. However, businesses should avoid spamming and ask permission to add customers to their e-mailing list.  

5. Social Media Marketing

The penetration of social media has been increasing in Brisbane with each passing year. Both big and small businesses are using social media platforms to promote their products and increase engagement with their target audience. It offers an avenue to connect directly with customers and increase brand awareness. Besides the free use of the medium, social media ads and influencer marketing also generate excellent returns for marketers.  

6. Content Marketing

Content is king! Business owners can attract their audience by creating original, informative and interesting content for their target audience. Content marketing involves using different types of content for promotions. It includes creating a business blog, writing social media posts, recording a company video for YouTube, and uploading images and photos. It helps in engagement and high visibility as the audience shares and promotes the content.  

7. Online Customer Reviews

Buyers look at customer reviews before purchasing. Thus, asking customers to write testimonials and provide feedback on their experience is essential for increasing the brand's credibility. Online ratings are proof of reliability and encourage potential buyers to search for and buy products from the business confidently. The feedback is also helpful in making improvements to the buying process and the products to satisfy customers in a better way.  

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves hiring a third party to generate website traffic. It is an affordable way of marketing that is low-risk and highly rewarding. It aids in enhancing the online reputation of the business and increasing brand recognition by reaching a wider customer base. Affiliate marketing results in higher conversion rates and lead generation.  

9. Local Search Marketing

Location-based searches are increasing among buyers looking for specific business information in Brisbane. Businesses can attract local buyers through local search marketing, which requires creating a Google My Business page and getting listed on local business directories. Make sure that the address and other details on the directories are updated regularly.  

10. Mobile Marketing

A wide population uses their mobile phones for online shopping. Thus, it is essential to grab their attention through push alerts, SMS, mobile-friendly websites, live map links, location-based ads, QR codes and more. Mobile-specific marketing helps in better engagement and higher sales.  


Digital marketing is the need of the hour. Businesses cannot survive without this form of promotion because the entire target market uses the internet for entertainment, shopping, paying bills, education and more. Thus, the techniques mentioned above can prove useful in successfully marketing a business.

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